Yoga For Physical And Psychological Health

With the increasing popularity of yoga in the world, maybe you’ve heard about the healing power and what kind of diseases can be cured. But, according to some yoga teachers, almost all diseases can be cured because yoga is the control and alignment of all the things that attach to the body.

However, if the medical reason that the main reason for doing yoga should consult with your doctor because there are in yoga movements that will affect your practice.

Here are the benefits of yoga to cure heart disease, depression, and build your psychological.

Lowers the risk of heart attack
Faculty of Medicine, Yale University have found that yoga is proven to reduce the risk of heart attack. Studies conducted by Satish Sivasankaran, MD, (in Peck, 2004) states that the practice of yoga at least three times a week will lower the blood pressure and heart rate. This is because yoga makes your blood vessels more flexible, so it can be better to contract. Blood vessels to contract properly can cause blood flow to be smooth and the blockage becomes eroded.

Prevent and help treat depression and anxiety
Additionally, researchers at Boston University School of Medicine found that yoga can increase inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain (GABA / Gamma-Aminobutric) to 27 percent. This is good news for those who have (or have acquaintances who have) depression or anxiety disorders. Both of these disorders are caused by a lack of GABA, and the practice of yoga one will soon show benefits for patients.

Lowering boost competition, without losing the spirit to move forward
Back to heart problems, stress and type A behavior pattern (very competitive, always in a hurry, and irritable) is believed to have ties with the risk of heart disease. Yoga can be a solution for the two factors of heart disease. Yoga teaches one to focus on her so be quiet. This will reduce stress. Yoga exercises teach people that rather than competing with others, better concentration to improve themselves. This doctrine will lose a sense of competitive spirit to go forward without lowering. The second factor of heart disease was resolved.

Yoga is prohibiting competition. Yoga movements that are difficult to prosecute perpetrators do not envy other actors in the door (which is probably already good). Instead, the perpetrator of yoga is recommended to see the ability they have, and what can be done to improve it step by step. This is in line with the findings of positive psychology that rather than pursue capabilities that we have, it is better to develop the potential that already exists within.

Opening the way to identify yourself
Finally, yoga is also advocating for meditation. First stage is the live blood flow during yoga. Meditation allows us to recognize ourselves. If the yoga we can begin to recognize the circulatory system of our body, yoga can lead to a self-introduction that are unconscious as recommended by Jung.