Understanding hypnotherapy

Mass media, including television often raises false image of hypnosis. So many people are misunderstanding, and fear with hypnosis itself. Mass media often suggests hypnosis as a way to master or control others. When in fact not the case. You can only be hypnotized if you are willing to follow orders from the hypnotic. If you reject from the outset, then hypnosis will not happen.

In fact the benefits of hypnosis for therapy (hypnotherapy) is very large. A variety of difficult problems solved by ordinary means, it can be solved by hypnotherapy. However, because a lot of misunderstanding and lack of information about hypnotherapy, many people are reluctant to choose hypnotherapy as a therapeutic method to solve the problem. This article will explain in detail what and how the actual hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic mind done in a hypnotic state. While hypnosis is a state of relaxation of mind that is usually accompanied by relaxation of the body. In hypnosis, your mind becomes more open to change.

Many people think hypnosis is the same as sleeping. You need to understand that hypnosis is a natural state. Nothing strange when you enter a hypnotic state. Your body will relax and your mind becomes calm. But hypnosis is not the same as sleeping or passed out.

In hypnosis, you still hear our voice clearly and you are aware of your existence. Once again we described, we will not make you unconscious or asleep. We do not want you to sleep or pass out. Because we need your awareness to undergo the therapy process.

Maybe later when we guide you towards a hypnotic state, we will use the word “sleep” in our suggestion. What we mean is not sleeping like you do every night. Our intent is to get you to relax your body and mind. Again, hypnosis is not sleep. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation of body and mind.

The success of hypnotherapy need your cooperation. During the process of hypnosis, you have to open your mind to receive and follow instructions from us. We want you to let go and open to the process of therapy. It is important for you to know that we are not going to master your mind. Full control over your self remain on yourself and we act as a guide only. If your mind is a car, then you are a driver and we are pointing the way. We know the road to the solution of your problem. If you want to follow our instructions, we know you will arrive at your destination. But we can not force you to follow our guidelines. Therefore, you have to open your mind to follow the therapy process.

We can not force yourself to change. Even though you are in a hypnotic state, control over yourself stay there in your own hands. All hypnotherapist, including us, will never master your mind. But if you are willing to accept wholeheartedly our suggestion, we know a definite solution for your problem. If you want to follow our instructions with an open mind, we can help you achieve your goals quickly. That the results of hypnotherapy is maximal, there is one important thing you should consider. Whenever we give a good suggestion for you, then we want you to accept it wholeheartedly. We want you to open yourself up and be optimistic that the suggestion that we provide the maximum effect for your self. And as we guide you to undergo a therapeutic process, we want you to follow it with a vengeance.

In my heart, maybe now you ask. Is it true that hypnosis can not be used to force someone else? What about the evil hypnotist who often reported in the papers?

This is precisely the misconception that we want to explain to you. That were reported in the media is not the reality of evil hypnotist hypnosis. If traced, the incidence is actually the mode of anesthesia or fraud, not hypnosis. However, because of the ignorance of the public, anesthesia and fraud cases is believed to be hypnotic.

If your valuables are taken when the victim fell asleep after being given sleeping pills mixed in drinks or food, it is not hypnosis. But such cases are often reported as a hypnotic because of ignorance or deliberate public by journalists who wrote the story with the purpose of eliciting a sensation.

People who deceived them raw, often claimed to be hypnotized to cover his stupidity. Because if he claimed to have been the victim of fraud, he would be considered stupid by his family and the people around him. Therefore, in order that he does not blame and do not be stupid, he claimed to be hypnotized. From this description, we hope you can understand that the news media about the evil of hypnosis is that news can not be trusted.

And what about the magician on television which seems to control others with hypnosis? – If you look at the shooting of a hypnosis show on TV, then you’ll know that someone will be hypnotized are those who from the beginning has been willing to be hypnotized and willing to appear on television. They know that will be hypnotized and knew she was the cameras. From the beginning they were willing to follow the orders of the hypnotist. They already know that they may be “tricked” when they want to be hypnotized. But because they want to be on television or because you want to try it was because he wanted to be hypnotized or return after taking a game of hypnosis, they are willing to “mocked”. So in reality, it’s not a master hypnotist who hypnotized people, as a hypnotist can hypnotize people just want to be hypnotized and willing to be mocked. Sometimes a person in a hypnotist show also uses a walk-on that has been prepared beforehand.

Now we discuss how the hypnotherapy. Your thoughts are very similar to a computer. You can install a program on a computer and if you do not need the program anymore, you can delete it. Sometimes, without you accidentally, your computer could also negatively affected by the program that we are familiar with “computer virus”.

Mind you, too. When you were a baby, your mind is like a new computer and have not fitted any program. Then you begin to hear, see and feel everything that is around you. That’s when your mind starts dialing. Mind you, intentionally or not, has been programmed by the people around you and your environment. Any information that goes into your mind and all the life experiences you’ve been through your program to become what it is today.

What are you saying to yourself is also a program that will be true to yourself. What you receive from the environment and what you often say to yourself forming a customs program, feelings, perceptions or beliefs that form the basis of your life. And we know that not all that we receive from our environment is good. Sometimes without us wish we had a bad experience giving rise to “mind virus” which is always disturbing us.

Now, with your mind an adult, you can choose to only receive a good program of your surroundings. However, it was when you were a child, you do not have the ability to resist the programming of the people around you. You take for granted what you see or hear. In childhood it’s usually a negative start program embedded in your mind. The problems you are experiencing now, may be the negative effect of the program is embedded since childhood and more became program stronger as you age.

Hypnotherapy works as a tool to remove negative programs or viruses in your mind as well as install positive programs that will make you better than before. With hypnotherapy, you can eliminate all the bad things you want to remove from the thoughts, feelings and behavior. With hypnotherapy, you can also embed their thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are good for the progress of your life.

But we need to explain here. Hypnotherapy is not the same as the game that sometimes hypnosis you see on TV. On television, you’ve probably seen a hypnotist as if it could change the behavior of others in an instant and then normalize back in a heartbeat. Hypnotherapy does not last as hypnosis show that you see on TV. You need to understand also that the show is on TV hypnotic entertainment purposes only, such as movies and soap operas. For entertainment purposes, pretend is normal. So do not compare with hypnotherapy hypnosis you see on TV. The difference is like reality and fantasy. If you wish we can transform yourself in a flash like magic, you have to believe fantasies. But if you want to work with us to resolve your problem, then that is how the actual hypnotherapist.

Many people say that hypnotherapy is a quick way to solve the problem thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But do not imagine hypnotherapy can change you in a second like a magician transform dove into a rabbit in the blink of an eye. Hypnotherapy is the fastest method when compared with the conventional method of psychotherapy. For example, in conventional psychotherapy requires at least 12 meetings to cure phobias and trauma, whereas with hypnotherapy we only need 1 to 2 meetings only to overcome phobias and trauma completely.

In hypnotherapy you do not just sit quietly and listen to our suggestions. When hypnotherapy progresses, we will invite you to discuss to resolve the problem you are having. Hypnotherapy we do not to make you do something appropriate our desire, but so that you can achieve your own desires. We will not make you helpless. On the contrary, we will guide you so that you can use the power of your own mind to solve your problem or to achieve your goals.

To give you a better understanding of the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, it helps if you understand your mind. During this time you might think that you only had one thought. In fact, your mind is made up of three parts, the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious and the Unconscious.

Unconscious mind is the thought that your body operates automatically. Heart rate, cell reproduction, wound healing, blood circulation and other automated systems worked by Unconscious Mind. Unconscious mind is always active, even if you fall asleep.

Furthermore, Subconscious Mind, which is part of mind that is very dominant and often control yourself. Subconscious Mind load habits, boost feelings, beliefs, perceptions, and a permanent memory. According to a prominent psychologist, Sigmund Freud, human actions are largely based programs that are embedded in the subconscious mind, not based on logic. Subconscious Mind is a memory storage of all programs and your mind. Any program that is in your Subconscious Mind, will always be the basis for your actions.

Then, Conscious Mind is the part of your mind is always logical and rational. By thinking logically and rationally, you can create the will or desire to change. But apparently the will alone is not enough to make the changes permanent, because the Conscious Mind will always lose when it conflicts with a program that is embedded in the Subconscious Mind.

Simple example is a smoker. Rationally and logically, almost all smokers know that smoking is a self-defeating activity. Smokers actually have the will to quit smoking. But it will never win against the habit of smoking is chronic. The habit of smoking is a program that is embedded in the Subconscious Mind. This is clear evidence that the program is embedded in the Subconscious Mind is always more powerful than the will of the Mind Conscious effect.

The purpose of the hypnotherapy is to remove or embed Subconscious Mind program so that you experience the changes taking place from within yourself. By changing the program in the Unconscious, then you do not need to laboriously force yourself to change. Suppose you want to lose weight. With hypnotherapy, you will not have difficulty resisting the urge to eat. Your Subconscious Mind can be program so that you feel full with little food and still feel full until mealtime. That way, you do not feel miserable despite eating only a little.

In conclusion, hypnotherapy is a method that can change the program at the control center in yourself. What we mean is the control center of the Subconscious Mind. Hypnotherapy is a therapy that directly deal with the source of all personal problems, the Subconscious Mind. Because hypnotherapy directly address the root of the problem, then the changes that occur through hypnotherapy is permanent. Suppose you have heartburn because stomach acid is high. The high stomach acid caused by a sense of anxiety. If you just take the medicine, then it’s just a temporary cure. With hypnotherapy, you omitted that anxieties heartburn will not show up for good.

Hypnotherapy is an exceptional method. But if everyone can enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy? In other words, if everyone could enter a hypnotic state?

If you believe only certain people can enter a hypnotic state, then you have to believe the misconceptions. Virtually all normal people, including you, can enter the hypnotic state easily as long as you are willing to follow our instructions with pleasure and not afraid of the process of hypnosis. The only obstacle in the process of hypnosis is the fear caused by the misunderstanding of hypnosis.

Many people assume that the person can be hypnotized is a fool or a weak mind. This is a wrong assumption. In fact, hypnotherapy is only suitable to be applied to people who meet the following criteria:

1. It understands the language and communication can be invited smoothly.
2. Willing to follow the hypnotherapy on their own, not coercion.
3. Able to follow instructions or directives of the hypnotherapist.

A person can only be hypnotized if the person is smart enough to follow instructions. Hypnosis can not be applied to the insane, idiots, deaf, or small children who can not communicate well. The more intelligent a person the more easily enter a state of hypnosis.

If you’ve ever followed hypnotherapy elsewhere and your hypnotherapist who used to say that you are a hard trance, hypnotherapist then it indicates you need to learn more. It was not you who can not be hypnotized, but you go hypnotherapist who do not know the right way to guide you into a hypnotic state. For us, every client can enter a deep hypnotic state, as long as he is willing to open his mind, no fear and have a correct understanding of hypnosis.

Some of you may ask. What are the side effects of hypnosis or hypnotherapy? We need to be honest with you that there really is not any side effects when you undergo hypnotherapy. Perhaps you are afraid of losing consciousness, memory loss or fear of not being able to wake up from the hypnotic state. But in fact, there was never anyone who can not wake up from the hypnosis or the faint of mind for hypnosis. Rather, hypnosis is an excellent benefit for your health and mind. Benefit plan that you can feel right from the process of hypnosis is relaxation of the body and the mind and increase concentration.

Okay. Before you undergo hypnotherapy, we want you to know what steps you would go through in hypnotherapy. Phase One, of course we will ask you to tell me what your problem is. This process usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. We hope you will not be shy in telling your problem. Take it easy, everything you say to us will be our secret.

The second stage is our guiding you to relax your body and mind. Hypnosis is nothing when your mind is very, very relaxed and calm and your mind more clear and ready to accept the suggestion. This process takes approximately 5 minutes.

The third stage is the stage of Psychotherapy. In hypnosis, we will perform therapeutic procedures in accordance with your problem. The therapeutic process takes approximately 30 minutes. After the procedure is completed therapy, then we will ask you to open your eyes as a sign that hypnotherapy session has been completed.

The fourth stage is the stage of observation, meaning that you observe and report to us any changes that have happened to you. This observation period lasted from 1 to 10 days.

Perhaps, in your mind now comes the question “how many times hypnotherapy Need to get the maximum results and permanent?” – It all depends on your problem, because every problem is certainly different. In our experience, most problems can be solved in a single treatment. But sometimes there are problems that need 2 or 4 times the therapy.

We will try our best so that your problem can be solved in a single treatment. Therefore, cooperation is needed from you. If you follow our instructions very seriously and wholeheartedly, we are sure, your problem can be solved very quickly.