Hypnotherapy Cure Premature Ejaculation

Stress because you have a problem of premature ejaculation?

You are not the only one. Millions of men in the world are also experiencing the same thing with you. But unfortunately, few have received definite solution to the problem was.

If you do not want to bear the side effects of using powerful drugs, or if you’re tired of using powerful drugs that no power, then hypnotherapy could be the ultimate solution to your problem.

Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem that many complained of the man and his partner. A person is said to have premature ejaculation when he issued sperm before the interest or too fast so it can not satisfy their partner. If the problem is left could lead to domestic problems, such as dissatisfaction, less harmonious, low self-esteem to their husbands, wives and disappointment that can lead to infidelity.

Sometimes, a patient premature ejaculation chose not to seek treatment because they feel embarrassed by the problem or do not want to be seen as weak. They will be embarrassed if people knew about sexual issues. For this reason, we maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ problems. Not infrequently, clients are asked to meet at the “hidden” so as not to be known by others.

Why as a hypnotherapist, we went along with taking care of Premature Ejaculation?
Should not only deal with psychological problems?

Actually, when I first studied hypnosis, we do not intend to go into the field of the treatment of sexual problems. But our penchant to use hypnosis for things that are “not reasonable” to experiment made us try all the possible benefits of hypnosis. As with other hypnotherapy expert, we can not limit what you can or can not be treated with hypnosis. Since almost all of the problems associated with thoughts and feelings, can be resolved by way of hypnosis therapy.

And do not misunderstand. Premature ejaculation is actually psychosomatic, meaning physical disruption caused by psychological problems.

Our knowledge about premature ejaculation healing through hypnotherapy, started one day when we were to accidentally find your articles on the internet that discusses premature ejaculation and impotence. In this short article it is mentioned that both male sexual problems are caused more by psychological factors than physical factors.

Intrigued by this, we then seek more articles about premature ejaculation and impotence until we are confident that the majority of premature ejaculation is caused by psychological factors. Comments from some doctors that we consulted also increasingly making us believe that hypnotherapy may help men with sexual problems.

And it is true it becomes. What we believe is true. After all this time try a hypnotherapist to some people who experience premature ejaculation, we firmly believe that hypnotherapy is a powerful stance can overcome premature ejaculation without any dependence on “strong medicine”. Because hypnotherapy directly reach the root of the real problem in the subconscious mind.

Of the learning outcomes for this, we found several psychological factors that cause premature ejaculation include:

* Uncontrolled lust during sex.

* Not being able to control the excessive stimulation.

* Moderate stress due to some problems.

* Suffering from psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

* Lack of confidence in a sexual relationship.

* Feeling not be able to satisfy your partner.

* Haste in sexual intercourse.

* Habits ejaculate (eject sperm) quickly because frequent masturbation or sex with haste.

Patients with premature ejaculation usually have reciprocal reaction exacerbated the problem of premature ejaculation. For example, a person who used to have premature ejaculation due to masturbation (forcing sperm to come out as soon as possible), so when she found out that she was not able to satisfy their partner, he becomes inferior, less confident, and feel unable to satisfy your partner. The longer, the feeling continues to stress that further aggravate the problem of premature ejaculation. Even sometimes, the stress caused by premature ejaculation develop into impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Why a man can not control the release of sperm?

control the discharge your spermsuffering from premature ejaculation, of course want to hold release of sperm when you’re having sex with your partner. Yet somehow, as strong as any you are trying to “instruct” your penis to hold the release of sperm, it is still very fast sperm out just like that without control. Why are the muscles that hold the sperm can not be controlled like other muscles? You can control the movement of the hand or tongue easily, but why not be able to control the muscles that hold the sperm. Actually, what happened?

There are two nervous system in our bodies. That conscious nervous system and autonomic nervous system (automatically, not consciously controlled). The nervous system subconsciously make you can move certain parts of your body as instructed brain or your mind, such as moving the hand, move the eye, foot, move your neck muscles to look or nod his head and so on.

While the autonomic nervous system, is the system of nerves that control bodily processes that run automatically, such as heart rate, blood circulation, digestion of food, production glands, and so on. You can not intentionally ordering your heart to beat faster, because the heart muscle is not included in the conscious control of the nervous system.

We think you are now beginning to understand why you can not resist the release of sperm when it conveniences. This is because sperm expenditure is automated response when you receive a stimulus that causes you to feel “favors”. Size “favors” for each person is different. That is why, people with ejaculation are different in character. There’s a new look sexy ladies have released sperm. Some are capable of penetration, but after a few swipes directly ejaculation.

Two of the nervous system is, that according to the perspective of hypnosis or NLP, the term became conscious (conscious mind) and subconscious (unconscious). So in our opinion, one ejaculate because it embedded in the subconscious program like this: “When I pleasantness, very excited, and feel good in my genital parts, then I automatically pull out the sperm to reach the peak of satisfaction.” Automated program like that that makes you unable to restrain the rate of release of sperm.

On the other hand, there are many people who experience premature ejaculation because it was used to eject sperm quickly. For example, if you often do masturbation or sex quickly done. The subconscious mind will record the memory so that whenever you are aroused or having sex, your sexual organs will release sperm quickly, such as when you do masturbation or sex quickie.

Habit is hard to break or controlled by habit is the work of the subconscious mind. A person who has been accustomed to quickly eject sperm, she will continue in that habit until she found the right way to control it. Just like the people who have the habit of smoking, then he will be difficult to eliminate or control the smoking habit.

 What can we do for you with premature ejaculation?

With hypnotherapy, we can guide you into a trance where your subconscious mind is open, so that we can communicate directly with your subconscious mind. Then, if any, we will do therapy to resolve the problem of premature ejaculation psychological causes such as stress, lack of confidence, was not going to be able to satisfy your partner, or other problems. Each person usually has specific issues that cause or aggravate premature ejaculation.

Having successfully dealt with psychological problems, we will reprogram your subconscious mind to eliminate the habit of removing the sperm quickly, and also replaced the program: “When I pleasantness, very excited, and feel good in my genital parts, it will automatically eject my sperm for reach the peak of satisfaction. ” a program that will make you not easily eject sperm.

Imagine if your subconscious mind successfully enshrined program like this: “I really enjoy having sex, but give as much pleasure whatever I feel, my sperm would only come out if I hold your nose while saying I want out.” If your subconscious mind receives the program perfectly, then you will truly be a monster in bed. Give as much pleasure and as long as whatever you are feeling, your sperm will not keep your penis out and tense.

With the technique we developed, you can increase your sexual ability to be able to perform penetration (intercourse) for 15-120 minutes depending on your initial condition. The main goal of therapy we are doing is that you are able to control the release of sperm so you can enjoy sex for longer.

You will not dependence with hypnotherapy. Unlike the powerful drugs that should always consume if you want to remain “strong”. Hypnotherapy is 100% natural. You become “stronger” because you are strong, not because of the influence of drugs.

What is the difference between our method with conventional sex therapy techniques?

Mentioned in The Practical Encyclopedia of Sex and Health, in 1955 there was a urologist at Duke University Medical School in the United States named James Semans who discovered a simple method to overcome premature ejaculation. This method then becomes the basis for developing further methods of sex therapy developed to date.

The trick is to stimulate your penis, be alone or with your partner, until you almost reach ejaculation, then stimulation was stopped for a moment to relax your mind. Then the penis is stimulated again, and stop again before you climax. Do this repeatedly until you are able to control your ejaculation.

The main obstacle in practicing the above method is a human tendency to not want to stop when I feel good. It would be very difficult for him to suddenly stop excitement at being bad-taste delicious sexual stimulation. In addition, your spouse could lose his mood if you stop the “assault” while being in full swing. Many people fail in this method because the method is difficult to apply in real life.

Unlike hypnotherapy we develop. Your order will not stop us pleasure while having sex in full swing. With hypnosis, we will help you change and embed some programs in your subconscious mind so that your body does not automatically eject the sperm so you feel easement. You can enjoy sex for longer, without the fear of your sperm come out in quick time.