Dreams be trusted?

Do not know this dream may believe it or not. There is also a dream that was always repetitive, always dream the same case, even though many are of the same dream.

When women dream dress or sandals lost or loaned to others, it means her husband will be subject to ‘borrow’. Two of the closest people I know have dreams like this. Sure enough, their husbands womanizing! But if such a dream husband, wife also intend to be bullied!

If you dream of venomous animals such as snakes or spiders, it means no one wanted to create something that is not good for us. If you dream of a dog, people close to us going to betray us.

If dreams flood (flood), fitna will occur in our lives.

Dreams come up to speed, ride or fly airplanes, suggests we will get good.

If dreams shriek, implies we will grieve in the nearest time.

If the naked dream, or clothing is incomplete, we want to mean something personal to tell others in the near future, and also gives the sense that our deeds on the wane.

Do not know true or not. half a dream is a lot going on and the reality was indeed the case, it may be a coincidence or not, we do not know.

Whatever, if the dream is not good, let charity for disaster / reinforcements will not be able to overlook alms.