Do not trouble others

Some days I received a sms from someone I did not know. According to the person he got my hp number from someone and he did not want to say who he is. He also wanted to meet ‘closer’ to me. At first I thought he was just a sms from my friends who like to joke with me. So I just do not care about the sms. But it seems people did not despair, and sent a few more texts. I told him I was not interested and asked him directly so as not to send sms again because I do not want the kids will see that sms misunderstanding could arise later the kids against me. But people seem tu stubborn and still send sms. I do not care sms him and I had to swap the new sim card.

Actually, in the world ni wide range of people. sometimes people do not know the place for jokes. The jokes that are made are not in place would be a burden to others and will be troublesome as well. I was disturbed by sms is probably caused when I’m facing a lot of problems. Therefore frivolous lawsuit should ever make me mad. If you take my heart, I want to throw the man’s head with a chair so he would not disturb others at will.

Maybe people like these do not have much of a problem for a lot of rethinking that he has plenty of time to bother other people or for that matter he is too problematic to air can not think the problem right and wrong. Maybe this person feel happy if he knew I was disturbed by his actions and will stimulate her to send more sms.

One lesson I get from this incident, do not ever underestimate consider the case that we do not give the impression to others. Maybe for us, he is a joke but for the other It is troublesome and charge. Do not live with the inconvenience of others, better improve ourselves in order to be beneficial for all human life.